GetDDM: an Open Framework for Testing Optimized Schwarz Methods for Time-Harmonic Wave Problems

Jeju Island, Korea

This talk presents the parallel domain decomposition solver GetDDM, integrated in the open-source finite element solver GetDP. This add-on has proved to be efficient on 3D large scale problems, while staying relatively easy-to-use, by, e.g. managing automatically the iterative solver, arising from the DDM, and the communication between processes. It is moreover versatile, e.g, it can consider scalar or vector problems, one-, two- or three-dimensional problems, mixed formulations and preconditionners. Available with ready-to-use examples for Helmholtz and Maxwell’s equations, GetDDM aims to be a framework to test and develop optimized Schwarz methods for time-harmonic wave problems.

Bertrand Thierry

Permanent researcher of the CNRS, working in numerical simulation for wave propagation.