Boundary Integral Equations and Block Jacobi Preconditioner

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GetDDM : Décomposition de Domaines pour les Ondes

Single Scattering Preconditioner Applied to Boundary Integral Equations

GetDDM: an Open Framework for Testing Optimized Schwarz Methods for Time-Harmonic Wave Problems

Open-source finite element solver for domain decomposition problems

Improved Domain Decomposition Method for the Helmholtz Equation

In this talk we will present recent improvements to the quasi-optimal domain decomposition method for the Helmholtz equation presented in 1. The key point of the method is the construction of an accurate local approximation of the exact Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator which leads to a new transmission operator between sub-domains. We will show that this local approximation, based on complex Pad approximants, is well-suited for large scale parallel finite element simulations of high frequency scattering problems, with either manual or automatic mesh partitioning.

A quasi-optimal non-overlapping domain decomposition algorithm for the Helmholtz equation

Numerical Investigation of Acoustic Time-Reversal in Heterogeneous Media

Étude numérique du phénomène de super-résolution pour le retournement temporel acoustique dans un cadre déterministe